Paris, we’re coming!

fairy lights at sydney airport international departures

The day is here and let me assure you – I am exactly where I need to be.

It’s the day I’ve been planning for since December last year. The same day that I used for months as motivation to roll myself out of the warmth of my bed to serve coffee in a government building. And sitting (not-so) pretty in a tiny, cramped plane, cruising at 34,000 feet is exactly where I need to be.

The most talked about trip of 2017 is here and oui, mes amies – it means that my partner and I are finally on our way to Paris!

And how do I feel? I’m a jittering conglomerate of excitement and nerves all hyped up on Redbull and burning through my dangerously low energy levels on about 2 hours sleep (or something like that).

The City of Love and Light has been calling me for so long. Its magnetic force pulled me stronger each day until finally I caved into her call (and dragged my boyfriend with me). She, for Paris is truly a woman, is waiting for me at the other end of this flight and in three more hours we will meet for the first time, though it will seem as old friends.

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of culture, fine dining, haute couture, and soul searching. Why? Because I truly believe that somewhere among those quiet, cobblestoned streets I will find the Parisienne version of myself and can learn from her the elegance, grace and intrigue that together creates the French woman.

Expect a lot of blogging and a lot of photos. I plan to expand my site infinitely and refine it to make your experience here more simple and enjoyable. Because hey, I know the reason you’re really here is because that spreadsheet Karen asked for is due in a couple of hours and what better to do but procrastinate?

So stay tuned and subscribe through your email to get alerts for every new post published.Follow me on social media (@myparisienneaffair) and let me take you with me – through the winding ways of Montmartre, along the glittering Seine and through the frosty jardins.

It’s going to be magical. And Paris never saw us coming.

Votre amie dévouée,

La femme de faim x

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