Travel With Me: Planning Your First Trip Overseas

Here’s the deal.

This December, my beautiful partner and I are flying out of Australia and heading for La Ville Lumière – the City of Lights.

And not to sound dramatic, but we have put everything on hold for this trip. I’m talking everything from University studies, to that pair of jeans with the ridiculous price tag that makes my derriere look just peachy (afterthought: this derriere don’t need no specific jeans to look peachy – love yo’self!).

I have dreamed of this trip for so long. In my mind, I have already strolled the cobbled stones of secluded passages winding around gothic architecture, wrapped in thick furs and casually rocking an Hérmes scarf. I’ve swayed to a careless tune a million times down Paris’ most beautiful avenue, the Seine River, arm in arm with the man I love and sipping hot, mulled wine from a cheap, paper cup.

I’ve done it all, and more. But first, I have to get us there.

Naturally, I put my hand up to organise our trip – I mean, the love I have for this city is pretty profound, who better to spend time reading up and researching its little, hidden gems? Me, the one with no previous experience. Obviously.

Over the last few months of planning, I have learnt a lot about planning for a trip and even some things about myself (mainly that the haphazard combination of my perfectionist attitude and disorganised headspace tend to not be a great mix for the task).

But alas, the trip is fast approaching and our plans have been made, so I wanted to share the top five obstacles I endured while planning my trip, in the hope, it might make you feel more confident about the process if you’re a newbie at it like I am.

  1. Having no idea what I was actually doing.

Yes, it’s true, don’t you argue with me, you don’t know what you’re doing. And trust me, everyone else can see it even if you don’t care to admit it. The beginning step in planning your first trip is to just own your innocence (or naivety). The benefits? People are going to be so much more willing to lend you a hand.

2. Having someone rely on my “expertise” to plan our trip.

If you’re anything like me (a control freak with no ability to actually control anything), you will want to avoid letting your travel buddy know that you are unsure of your plans. But confiding in them and accepting the help and advice they may have will relinquish some of your workload. It could also allow for a new light to be shed on a plan you weren’t quite sure about.

3.  Worrying that you’re not organised enough.

Thoroughly planning a trip can be draining, and with the constant fear of you being the reason for a major hiccup in your travels, I don’t blame you for wanting to be organised. My tip here is to confirm, and re-confirm all your bookings, reservations, flights and accommodation at least once – all the other crinkles you can iron out along the way.

4. Worrying that you’re TOO organised.

Can you tell I’m a worrier? Too much planning can sometimes make you feel like maybe you’re being too stilted and worrying that when you get there you will have less of an ability to just “go with the flow”. Bear in mind when planning out your trip, that plans change and that’s okay. You’re in another country, another culture and another way of life. Breathe it in, and allow yourself to err from your path every now and then.

5. Packing for a climate you’ve never been to. 

I can totally understand the worry you might have regarding this. Admittedly, I have no advice for this point because I’m still worrying I might not have packed accordingly. As a beach bum that has never experienced any kind of temperature beneath 10°C, I’m not entirely sure if my $10 scratchy, woolen cardigan is going to do much against the sub-zero night air. How I’m dealing with this? I’M NOT, I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. Just kidding – I’m packing light and will simply buy what I need while I’m over there.

So there it is – the roots that have tried to snag my footing while on my path to Paris. I will most definitely be posting while I’m overseas my top travel tips because I figured first I’ll probably need to travel to be able to give advice on it.

In the meantime, I’ll keep planning. I’ll keep failing and I’ll keep learning the ways to avoid each obstacle I come across – all so I can share them with you (and also so I don’t have to go through them again, thank God). So hit that follow button, and keep updated.

We have planning to do.

Votre amie dévouée,

      La femme de faim x


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