This is it.

Aptly titled…this. is. it.

How dramatic. And in truth, how perfectly me. Full of wonder, full of mystery and most importantly full of unrealised potential.

BUT. Before you go quitting this first post and vowing to never spend another minute reading the writings of a self-absorbed nobody, let me explain to you why I pondered and poured over the blank page before deciding on a seemingly cliché title.

I am confident that I can, without a doubt, describe myself in a few words; headstrong, passionate and painfully disorganised. So disorganised, in fact, that I cannot seem to come to terms with that being who I truly am.

I can tell I’ve lost you. Hold tight, it’ll  be worth it. I never said it would be an easy read.

Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to find an inspirational quote from a veritable source to prove to you that what I’m trying to say is actually real, and that it’s actually been said before. For the time being, just take my word for it.

I am coming to understand that who I say I am, and who I really am, are two separate people. Albeit on good terms, these two people rarely meet and when they do, it’s as much a surprise for me as it might be for you.

I know that I am head-strong: but is it stubbornness because I am sure, or a fear of the unknown?

I know that I am passionate: but about what? It seems like it changes every day.

And disorganised? Please. It’s my defining trait. I have found that it is the lovechild of a desire and burning for action every damn day and rushing headfirst into that fiery passion without first taking heed of the warnings of its flames.

So. The real climax of the story – why this post was so cleverly named.

“This is it” promises big things. “This is it” holds the potential to be a moment of finality; a breathtaking, life-altering epiphany that will surely change the course of someone’s life.

And yet, here you are. At the bottom of the blog post, and no one’s life is different. You’re still staring at your screen waiting for a lightbulb moment and I’m still here waiting for the blinking line on the page to finally stop blinking at me and to let me know that I have said enough.

I am the “this is it”. Full of potential and demanding of your immediate attention when really I’m not quite sure what it is I can actually offer you.

Hence the creation of this blog – this secret collective of odds and ends that I will gather together and try and make sense of. This blog is my own discovery of myself. Who I am and where I come from and whether I prefer my croissants plain or with chocolate (the current consensus is chocolate…always chocolate).

I promise you no lies, and no truths either that I haven’t discovered first hand.

I promise you a journey from the streets of Wollongong to the banks of the Seine.

I promise you life in its rawest and plainest form.

So stay with me for the journey. I’m not yet sure where it will go, nor can I guarantee it will be worth staying for the ride but to me, that is the thrill of it all.


Votre ami dévouée,

             La femme de faim x

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